Guess What You Eat!

ELSTORF, GERMANY - JANUARY 07:  Chicken sits i...
ELSTORF, GERMANY – JANUARY 07: Chicken sits in a barn at an organic-accredited poultry farm on January 7, 2011 in Elstorf, Germany. Organic farmers across Germany are likely to benefit from the current dioxin scandal that is forcing at least 4,000 non-organic poultry, hog and other farms nationwide to suspend deliveries for the time being. Authorities suspect the north German firm Harles and Jentsch of supplying up to 3,000 tonnes of dioxin-tainted fatty proteins to 25 animal feeds producers. Though so far the majority of farms affected are in the state of Lower Saxony, the scope of possible contamination is spreading and now includes 11 German states. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

All meat and egg eaters, i think that you should know what you eat. If you are a meat – chickens and turkeys eater, then check this out, URGENT.

The antibiotic fluoroquinolone used to be fed to chickens primarily to stimulate their growth.

“So, here is the deal. We create hellish conditions for our livestock, then we drug them to keep them numb. Then we drug them again to wake them from their pharmaceutical stupor. Then we drug them to grow faster. Then we drug them so their flesh will look healthier. Then we drug them to withstand the disease epidemics that our overcrowding has created.

Then, of course, we drug ourselves every time we take a bite of factory-farmed poultry.”

Well said. Now people, wake up!!

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