Small lies-big lies – Stop Lying

Well, i am impressed. Like this is something new and they need studies to figure it out. Really.

Not to lie – should be pure common sense that should be part of our awareness.

The person of the moral principles definitely lives healthier and happier life. You see, by telling the truth you are saving yourself from the stressful memorizing all fake stories so no one can get you lying. But we all know lie is short legged so sooner or later you will get caught. My life experiences gave me the greatest observations what the process of lying actually is.

When he or she is lying, in that very moment that person is hiding something from the listener, this is the well known fact, but, we should seek deeper, what is the cause or more likely – motivation of the liar?

The motivation is to – hide, deceive, to manipulate (which are non-virtuous actions, like the lying itself), to show “wanna-be” self, but the cause is much much more painful for a liar. Lying is the action of the chronic lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. By lying, the liar is presenting us everything what he or she is not. Hope one day new study will come out and prove that liars are incredibly egocentric. They are taking one’s own self as the starting point for everything, they are center, the object, the norm for everything, which leads us to the fact that the liars are very bad listeners, bad friends, bad partners, bad parents and so on. And in the long term, the egocentrism leads to the health issue such as depression. They are caught in the fake reality and ashamed to be seen as someone who they really are. They live in the self denial.

By watching the liar in the “lying mode” you can actually see how much effort that person really “invest” into that  non-virtuous action, which is very negative. It’s unbelievable. If all that energy and effort would be invested into good deeds, good ideas and positive approach instead, this world would be better place to live. By all that i am not saying that i hate liars or have no in my life, not at all. I just know that they are unreliable, way too much talkative, boring (to camouflage the lies too much time and words are needed) and with very bad memory, but I would feel bad to do nothing so i do at least what i can do, i am truthful, honest and straight with the liars. There are always two options, walk away or truthful stay 😉 and it’s working.

It is quite simple;

What positive can come out from been negative, false, untrue, dishonest, manipulative, egocentric person?

And what negative can come out from been positive, truthful, honest, respectful, kind person?

All the worlds smallest and biggest religions are teaching that lying is the sin. And it is a sort of. It is the poison that always leads towards negative consequences. It is the trick of deluded mind.

Whether like it or not, the law of causality will always bring the negative consequences right back to you.

I also discovered that been truthful and honest to the sentient beings, not only is the virtue, but according to the basic teachings of the Buddhism i can also collect the merits by Abandonment of Lying in verbal actions which is the good seed for the positive Karma in the future and next lives. If you do not believe in it, it’s ok, but ask yourself, what if it’s true?

One more think, make a lie-free day, be alert, stalk your mind, be mindful and you will realize that all those many small little tiny lies are sometimes even more harmful.

But, you know what, if i would walk through the forest and meet a deer and after that a hunter with the rifle asking me which direction the deer went, i would definitely show him the wrong way 🙂

I think in this case or in any other life saving situations – lying could be positive, because our motivation make it so.

Want a Healthier LONGER Life? Stop Lying.

Why our fears don’t always match the facts. by David Ropeik Want a Healthier LONGER Life? Stop Lying. Lying is stressful, and stress damages health and accelerates aging. Published on August 7, 2012 by David Ropeik in How Risky Is It, Really? Want to live a longer healthier life? Chill out, and stop lying . For the same reason.


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