In the past 2 weeks something happened in my life that i should share with you.

I noticed that something is happening with me or rather say with my right ear but of course i didn’t pay too much emotional attention but only as the observer. According to my experiences if i let myself to be pulled in body changing conditions or mind disturbances then i always find myself in that flow and the fear arise right a way.

Then started with a stinging pain in my right ear and strange feeling, soon after that in couple of days, painful and swollen auditory passage,  ear shell and cartilage, my hearing was only half of the normal. Stiffness in my jaw, had a big problem with chewing and hard pressure in my jaw, right under the ear, like something would be inside of jaw joint and the bone behind the ear was painful. Everything i touched around the ear was in big pain. Because of the itchy cartilage i scratch my ear and after that the whole ear started to swell,…my boyfriend took me to the ER, they only took the blood, shot me with painful injection of painkiller and directed me to my personal doctor.

Somehow i managed to the ent clinic – Otolaryngology but the dr. missed the diagnosis. He treated me for ear-like inflammation. I was telling him the symptoms, i knew this is different so i asked him for a painkillers and inflammation inhibitor (as nothing else you can get for this) so at least he gave me that. The pain was so severe that painkillers couldn’t hold it and other signs of mumps attacked.

So i asked for help someone i trust very much.

Lama Shenpen Rinpoche granting Tara empowermen...
Lama Shenpen Rinpoche granting Tara empowerment in Vienna, in 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I asked Lama Shenpen Rinpoche, the Buddhist Congregation – Dharmaling Abbot, for a help. He already helped me with some health issues before and many other people i know. When i told him what is going on he asked me right a way if i had mumps as a child. And i didn’t. Otherwise could be the virus in trigeminal nerve or mastoiditis. I struggled with myself after i checked on the web what mumps  is and other two, i didn’t want to end in the hospital with all those needles.

I was informing Rinpoche all the time what is happening.

Now the healing is still in process but i can eat, i can sleep, swelling and pain withdrawing, almost gone. Today is the 15th day of the first strange signs of mumps.

I always believed that great people who can purify and set our energy back in balance do exist but it’s hard to find them. I met Rinpoche many years ago and i knew right a way back then he is the trustworthy, kind and pure hearted man. He is genuine Rinpoche – the precious one. Since then i am in peace, i found what i was looking for.

And that’s why i wanted to share with you this experience because i know we all seek for the same thing in this world, happiness. He gave me the knowledge and showed me path so i can find the way to the great happiness.

I am grateful to know him.

Thank you Rinpoche


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