New strain of swine flu?

Upon many years now i am observing what is happening around the world and i can not make myself to be silent about how our influential people are so IN-FLUential, our governments are manipulating us, our lives, this planet, ecosystem.

If we just remember all the flues, swine flu, mouse flu, bird flu, … what else they will invent to scare people, to make more money with all those deadly vaccines. They are indeed the best creative directors on the planet, but, not to benefit us, living beings with health. They benefit only themselves.  They don’t really care about us, about this planet, they just want to make us stupid and earn more money, so i think this is the reason why another flu is on the run. They need more money for their luxury.

Most animals, including most domesticated primates (humans) show a truly staggering ability
to “ignore” certain kinds of information — that which does not “fit” their imprinted/conditioned reality-tunnel-RAW

All existing society is based on keeping those fears alive, to control the masses.

Robert Anton Wilson knew all the  social mind controls that are used for manipulations.

Keep in mind that we have our minds to use it and not to have it on ease thinking that government is thinking for us. Wrong. We have to use our mind, we have to think, we have to observe, to collect information so we can decide for our own good and good all of us. If we will not take care of it then who will? And if we wont do it now then when? We have to think, it’s not illegal yet. Although we are on the way to the matrix, total control of our lives, we must wake up before it’s too late.

New strain of swine flu infects 145 people.

By Eryn Brown, Los Angeles Times August 10, 2012, 5:00 a.m. A new type of swine flu has infected at least 145 people, mostly children, since July 12, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . That’s a significant jump from the 12 cases confirmed by the agency last week.

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