English: MRI coronal view of the amygdala
English: MRI coronal view of the amygdala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mental quietness meditation helps to relax and focus the mind, to gain peace and happiness in one’s life and is a tool for spiritual change.

Meditation is an inner activity for transforming the mind.

If you are new then you should start with single-pointed meditation which means that you concentrate upon one object such as our breath without becoming distracted. Thoughts will appear but don’t let them distract you by thinking of them or talk to yourself about them, don’t identified with them. Don’t be attracted nor repulsed by them, nor agitated nor excited. Try not to react with any emotional response.

Don’t hang on any thought, image or feeling that arises. As the observer just notice its existence and then return your attention to the breathing.

You may have do this for many times but don’t be frustrated and don’t give up, be patient and persistent, allow yourself to feel content and relaxed. Very soon you will noticed changes in your mind and body. Peace will settle down in your being and the happiness will grow.

Meditation appears to produce enduring changes in emotional processing in the brain

Amygdala “The two different types of meditation training our study participants completed yielded some differences in the response of the amygdala — a part of the brain known for decades to be important for emotion — to images with emotional content,” says Gaëlle Desbordes, PhD, a research fellow at the Athinoula A.

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