Chemtrails – morgellons. What is happening with our biology?

What is Morgellons disease?

Morgellons is a controversial condition in which unusual thread-like fibers appear under the skin.
Some medical experts says Morgellons is a mental illness.  It is not acknowledged so far, actually it’s acknowledged only as a psychological problem. But how can they explain the “unidentified multicolored fibers and objects”  crawling  and sprouting out of the bodies?  These fibers were tested in the most sophisticated laboratories with more than 1200 samples of textile fibers and found NO match. Also were tested with more than 110.000 biological samples and again found NO match. They tasted also with heating temperatures more 600 °C and  found no changes on fibers.  So are we humans suddenly became magicians and creating fictitious fibers by ourselfs?

Randy S. Wymore, Ph.D., assistant professor of pharmacology and physiology as many other doctors by now have discovered that Morgellons is a real disease pathology.

Morgellon’s Disease | The Unexplained Files

Is this a part of a transhumanism? If they are making plans for us then who are THEY?

Morgellons New world order Softkill Nanotech Chematrail Fiber Disease Admitted on TV

Are we under unknown attack and being illegally implanted with nanotech? Here is the educated video with Sofia Smallstorm.  She explained everything very well. Take a look, you may find many answers.

Morgellons actually Explained!!

Because i really believe for some time now that we all became sort of lab rats. They are spraying us from above, they are foisting us with toxic stuff through our food and water. They are genetically modifying our environment, changing the conditions for living into artificial and causing many new illnesses to develop.  People across the world suffers from a strange diseases. This is not normal anymore. “They – the elites” are using nanotechnology on us and i don’t remember anyone asked me if i wanna be a part of it.  They wanna take control of everything, the most needed elements for living like food, water and air, so they are implanting the alien elements into our bodies which will eventually take control of our bodies. This sounds crazy but i think we are already in the process for some years already. They are making big money out of the vaccines they are selling to us and saying these vaccines are necessary for our health but in the same time they are making new aggressive viruses that make us ill.
Nanobiotechnology  should be making our life better they said but i think this is just a way of taking total control of leaving beings and transform us into something far less better. If we compare the process with GMO trees and plants and, which are not producing seeds and consequently attracts no bugs or birds, and animals no longer reproduce, we can see where this nanobiotech is leading us.  We will not be able to reproduce, not be distracted by emotions, will be free of  diseases like gmo corn lets say and we will be good, obeying, better performing working force and lab rats at the same time.
As we already know new forms of dna have been invented and their purpose is nothing else but change the cells, that is what biotech do.  As Sofia said by the Homo evolutis we will be separated into two different species, E-workers and E-lites.  In short, in case of dairy, the cows at the farms are E-workers – producing milk for us E-lite. But the limits of experiments extended so we are becoming E-workers because E-lite is already established.

This looks like  scenario from Body snatchers but we are heading in the same direction according the Morgellons.  It is also looks like scenario from the Matrix but seems like we are living in this world already. They want to change us, transform us so they could control us. This is all about these days isn’t it? The control, the power. In this human evolution we were parallel developing greed evolution, it is becoming greedier and biggish.

Unidentified multicolored fibers and objects are not from aliens nor textile nor mental production, they are made by humans. I know it really looks like a scientific story but … what if this is true? We must consider that possibility too. Just remember once in Columbus time people thought that Earth was flat and when we saw ipads (tablets) in Star Treck it was only SF for us.  But look at it now. We must get as many information as possible in order to get bigger picture. It is easier to bring real conclusion with many information then less. WE must look, search, gather information so we can be informed and think. Don’t let them think for you. Don’t believe everything you hear, rethink.
Be aware what is happening around you.



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