Save An Innocent Tibetan From Execution

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Dolma Kyab An Innocent Man Facing Execution? Dolma Kyab An Innocent Man Facing Execution?


China’s record on human rights, the incessant propaganda, allied with its totalitarian grip over the media and psychotic suppression of  free speech is of such a nature and magnitude that only those with a political or financial investment in that country are sufficiently deluded and or corrupted enough to invest any credibility into official pronouncements from the Chinese Regime. Least of all on the subject of Tibet!

The disinformation machine otherwise known as China’s Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and its mouthpiece the Xinhua News (sic) Agency is constantly feeding mainstream media with distortions and outright falsehoods on Tibet, which shamefully are swallowed without question by foreign correspondents who attend the daily briefings at the MOFA.

Last week Xinhua released a report that asserted a Tibetan man had been found guilty of murdering his wife and trying to conceal his actions by…

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