For Those Who Have Never Heard of Ngöndro, It Is a Kind of Dharma Boot-Camp: Michael Erlewine

Very good article.

KTD Mandala News

31657_419807827657_2535832_n Michael Erlewine, courtesy of the author.

When I first heard about ngöndro I wanted to run screaming at the very thought of it. It was scary beyond my imagination, even more so when I would seriously consider the thought of doing it myself.

For those who have never heard of ngöndro, it is a kind of dharma boot-camp, a set of five techniques that are so arduous that when I first heard about them, my thought was “No!, I am not doing this. Not ever.”

And what I was reacting to are the following, what ngöndro consists of, which are 111,111 full-length physical prostrations on the floor, as in: hard physical exercise. And while you are prostrating, you also recite a prayer taking refuge in the Buddha, his dharma teachings, and those who can properly teach the dharma 111,111 times. This is then followed by 111,111 recitations of a hundred-syllable…

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