Dorcus parallelopipedus

Dorcus parallelopipedus male youngster the lesser stag beetle found in Europe. They are smaller than stag beetles, their size could vary from 18 to 32 mm. Beautiful little beetle.
It is much smaller then Lucanus cervus



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Lumbalgia dex and Osteochondrosis with posterior central protrusion

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For Those Who Have Never Heard of Ngöndro, It Is a Kind of Dharma Boot-Camp: Michael Erlewine

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KTD Mandala News

31657_419807827657_2535832_n Michael Erlewine, courtesy of the author.

When I first heard about ngöndro I wanted to run screaming at the very thought of it. It was scary beyond my imagination, even more so when I would seriously consider the thought of doing it myself.

For those who have never heard of ngöndro, it is a kind of dharma boot-camp, a set of five techniques that are so arduous that when I first heard about them, my thought was “No!, I am not doing this. Not ever.”

And what I was reacting to are the following, what ngöndro consists of, which are 111,111 full-length physical prostrations on the floor, as in: hard physical exercise. And while you are prostrating, you also recite a prayer taking refuge in the Buddha, his dharma teachings, and those who can properly teach the dharma 111,111 times. This is then followed by 111,111 recitations of a hundred-syllable…

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Save An Innocent Tibetan From Execution

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Dolma Kyab An Innocent Man Facing Execution? Dolma Kyab An Innocent Man Facing Execution?


China’s record on human rights, the incessant propaganda, allied with its totalitarian grip over the media and psychotic suppression of  free speech is of such a nature and magnitude that only those with a political or financial investment in that country are sufficiently deluded and or corrupted enough to invest any credibility into official pronouncements from the Chinese Regime. Least of all on the subject of Tibet!

The disinformation machine otherwise known as China’s Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and its mouthpiece the Xinhua News (sic) Agency is constantly feeding mainstream media with distortions and outright falsehoods on Tibet, which shamefully are swallowed without question by foreign correspondents who attend the daily briefings at the MOFA.

Last week Xinhua released a report that asserted a Tibetan man had been found guilty of murdering his wife and trying to conceal his actions by…

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Wanting to Be Happy

Very true so sharing with you.

Shambhala Blog

Book coverThe self-centered thought is not who we are. The self-centered thought is different from the mind that wants to be happy because we’re sentient beings. Everybody wants to be happy. There’s no problem with wanting to be happy. The problem is the way the self-centered thought goes about thinking of our happiness and the way it goes about getting happiness. It is a distorted mental state that can be eliminated by seeing its disadvantages, applying the antidotes, and cultivating the mind that cherishes others.

From Don’t Believe Everything You Think: Living with Wisdom and Compassion by Thubten Chodron, page 83

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Elegance is Not Arrogance

Shambhala Blog

Book coverWhen we talk about elegance, we are not talking in terms of arrogance. When we talk about fearlessness, we are not talking about heavy-handedness. Genuineness is different from trying to convince ourselves that something is there when it doesn’t exist. Gentleness doesn’t mean being polite and putting on the false mask of a bodhisattva [a person dedicated to helping others].

From “Discovering Windhorse” in Smile at Fear: Awakening the True Heart of Bravery by Chögyam Trungpa, page 101

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