Dragons in Ljubljana

Ljubljana Dragon
Ljubljana Dragon

Ljubljana is a beautiful city to visit, especially during the summer time. Green country, with many rivers, trees and beauties in nature that keeps you busy and wowed all the time. So all you Dragonlords and Warlocks cruising through the Europe, come and tame your dragon. You will want to stay here forever.

Flag of Llubljana
Flag of Llubljana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ljubljana is a disabled-friendly city. Watch this inspiring video!


Swan on the lake


Swan on lake dancing, posing and cleaning the feathers with other flock of swans on the Zbiljsko jezero in Slovenia.

If you are visiting Ljubljana, you have to go on a snack or bowl of ice cream on Zbilje. It’s wonderful.

Flag of Llubljana
Flag of Llubljana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Last time had a biking day through Ljubljana city and couldn’t just pass the bridge without taking a photo of one of the dragons sitting on the edging stone of the bridge.


dragon blured signed framed




Slovenia – a Neanderthal Revolution in Central Europe

The people at the protest wear these paper masks. The mask represents the faceless politicians and bureaucrats who have become a parasite caste. At the end of the protest, the masks are burned.


Slovenia – a Neanderthal Revolution in Central Europe


Slovenia in action.


Serious Rebellion in Slovenia

So here we are. We are facing the third public rebellion in Slovenia. It was about a time to finally take a stand for our rights because we can not work for greedy, slovenian politics gang of thieves anymore.  The poverty of people in our little green country is much too much over the edge and yet it is not enough for our well known corrupted politicians, who are taking the liberty to steal, lie, have a chair in national Assembly and at the same time be under criminal investigation because of the thousands and thousands of euros which were transacted on their bank accounts in foreign countries, they also have a liberty to bribe the people to riot on peaceful protests, threatening us with punishments – sanctions if we’ll  protest, threatening us if we post the articles on facebook or in any public places.

Dear EU, is it really in your interest to support corrupted slovenian politicians, to have a rotten apple among you and let those to steal the money and food from people?

From nice and prosperous country with lots of home made healthy food, we became the country of poverty, hunger and violation of the human rights.

Article Corruption in Slovenia  is about corruption and present economical and political situation in Slovenia…You don’t know where we are?…we are small central European country, a part of former Yugoslavia, we are about of 2 mio of people leaving at the sunny side of the Julian Alps…. our political elite persistently try to switch off the sun for us, the light of democracy and human rights….

English: The national coat of arms of Slovenia...
English: The national coat of arms of Slovenia. Slovenias Coat of Arms defines three stars that represent the Counts of Celje, Triglav mountain and Adriatic sea. Slovenščina: državni grb Slovenije (Photo credit: Wikipedia)